Che'Pon P557 - John Callies' Project Car

Che'Pon P557 sets 175 mph record at ECTA + 195, 205 mph DYNO runs (Video by Louis Kimery)

Menards Chevy Series features Che'Pon P557 - 2015 (Video by Louis Kimery)

Che'Pon P557 runs at ECTA Ohio in Sept 2015 (Video by Louis Kimery)

John Callies' Che'Pon P557 is featured in Street Rod Life

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Che'Pon P557 was on display at SEMA 2014

Che'Pon P557 Presentation (Video by Louis Kimery)

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The photos shown below are taken during the final assembly of John Callies' project car:
A complete frame-up rebuild of a 1940 Chevy, with a Pontiac 557 engine (Che'Pon P557).

Che'Pon 557 Engine

Che'Pon 557 Frame

Che'Pon 557 Chassis

Che'Pon 557 Chassis Close-up

Che'Pon 557 Chassis Close-up