Tech Information

Technical Information which is underlined is currently available.
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General Information about Lifters:

    Offset Determination
    Recognizing O/C, L/H and R/H Offsets in Lifters
    Morel Lifter Dimensions - From Roller to Top-of-Ball on Seat
    Oil Flow to Push Rod via the Roller Lifter
    Weight of Lifters and How it Affects RPM
    Lifter to Bore Clearance (Makes the System Work Correctly)
    Where to Use "HLT" Limited Travel Lifters

Black Mamba and Bushing Lifter Installation:

    Oct 2016 - New Product Announcement: Black Mamba Lifters
    Installing Black Mamba and Bushing Lifters

Morel Mechanical Lifters:

    Types of Morel Mechanical Lifters
    Adjusting Morel Mechanical Lifters

Morel Hydraulic Lifters:

    Types of Morel Hydraulic Lifters
    How a Hydraulic Roller Lifter Works
    Oil Types Affect How a Hydraulic Lifter Operates
    Adjusting Morel Hydraulic Lifters