About Us: John Callies Inc. and Morel Motorsports Inc.

John Callies Inc. is the sales engineering arm of Morel Motorsports, handling all sales of lifters and distributor gears for Morel. We are a private label company, selling primarily to Cam Companies. We do sell directly to Nascar Teams.

Morel first entered the racing lifters market in 1992. The plant is 100,000 square feet and has in-house heat treating with a full Metallurgical lab. The oven is a hermetically sealed unit using different gases for controlling the heat treatment quality. There are over 100 pieces of specialty equipment in the plant for making lifters and gears.

The plant was started by Ed Morel's uncle over 60 years ago. Ed has worked there over 30 years and bought the company 20 years ago. Ed is a graduate mechanical engineer. The plant manager is also a graduate mechanical engineer. Our designer is an engineer with 35 years of tool and die, plumbing, electrical, electronic, programming and hydraulic experience.

I am also a graduate mechanical engineer. I spent 20 years with General Motors in the Pontiac Division, with the last 15 years heading up Ponitac Motorsports Engineering. I left Pontiac in 1986 and started Callies Crankshaft and sold it in 1994. I helped Joe Lunati build his company and sell it to Holly Corporation. Then, I started building performance cam cores with Camshaft Machine Company. We developed the three-pieces cam core using the Everwear Gear(tm), eliminating the cam gear to distributor wear issue.

Ed and I started getting serious about the lifter business in 1994. We developed lifter programs for Street Performance lifters through Professional Racing lifters. We continue development on new or current products every day. The business has grown to the point that I left Camshaft Machine in 2009 to concentrate with Morel to continue to bring innovative products to the racers.

John Callies