New Product Announcements

New Product Announcements:

Jun 2017 - Troy LaCrone’s 68 Camaro Runs in the 7’s with Morel Black Mamba Lifters
(Video by Louis Kimery, footage courtesy Troy LaCrone)

Nov 2016 - Jimmie Johnson wins 7th NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship

Oct 2016 - New Product Announcement: Black Mamba Lifters

Mar 2015 - John Callies' Che'Pon P557 is featured in Street Rod Life
    Feature Article: A High Horsepower Tribute
    Feature Article: A Close-Up Look at Che'Pon

Nov 2014 - Che'Pon P557 was on display at SEMA 2014

Jan 2013 - UFRS Lifter Series with Bushings
Jan 2013 - Photo-Sample UFRS Lifter with Bushings